Poor Old Cat Abandoned, No Food, Sick And His Body Full Of Dirt

This old cat was found on the street in bad condition: sick, lonely, and starving.


Nobody cares and nobody wants to take care of him. He is scared and seem’s like his weakness.



We grabbed the cage and immediately took him to the vet, they checked his eyes and mouth, the cat lost his teeth which means he can not eat any food crumbs or street food


The vet checked his body, they found that he has intestinal parasites, and his eyes are infected.

We pet him to let him calm down! After that, we arrived home, and we give him eye drops and medicine for the infected. Then we bathed him to clean all the dirt on his body.


We dry him with a towel and hairdryer.

Later, he wants to play and have some fun, I think he feels the love.

After 8 months, he’s back and completely recover!


Helping him recover is a wonderful journey, we also feel his love for us.

Always take care and share the love with the animals next to you.

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